We’d love to cook for you off-premises, at your preferred location. We can either simply deliver the dishes and provide the staff or take care of your whole event, from planning to bringing your full concept to life. You choose.

We work closely with the Wagenhallen event agency. Our extensive experience in gastronomy comes in handy as well as our huge network spanning all fields in the event space.

Feel free to get in touch with us.


Catering for industrial customers

We tailor complete event packages for industrial customers, either on-site at the Wagenhallen or off-site. Upon request, we can offer buffet catering at your facilities. If you wish, we can deliver to your remote employees at their home addresses. Large orders, such as 1,000 care packages are easy for us to handle.
Spark joy in the workplace and satisfy your employees. We can compile fruit boxes including super foods for different departments in your company. Additionally, we can prepare quality dishes in our Wagenhallen kitchen, ready to cook and serve at your office kitchen or at home. Even a very exclusive menu for a small circle within your company and your business partners, in strict compliance with all hygiene rules, is possible. If you have other wishes or ideas feel free to ask us. We are happy to make it happen.

Please send your inquiries directly to: