Tummy Stories

The Story behind the food: Our cuisine follows nature and the seasons. The soil we walk on is the origin of our food. Freshly cultivated food is not only healthier and more purposeful, it also tastes better. All our dishes are made from scratch from fresh ingredients.
The components of our dishes come mainly from the region, many of them from farmers we know personally. At the same time, we are constantly expanding our network of suppliers in order to source the best products.

Organic agriculture, animal welfare, as well as biodynamic farming are natural criteria when selecting products, though we also process products from local farmers in our kitchen.

We cook classic, Swabian, Mediterranean, and international.

Expertly trained chefs of different nationalities ensure that the authenticity of the dishes is preserved. Our philosophy is reflected in our good cuisine. Simplicity with maximum quality is the goal.

We offer genuine, home-cooked meals. We focus on the taste and not on the garnish.